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The relative permeability of the material chosen HiperCo 50 which is a mix of ˘49% cobalt ˘49% iron ˘2% vanadium with other trace element including nickel According to manufacturer speci cations the material should have a value = 8 with an applied eld of 3 5kG the nominal toroidal eld in HBT-EP This document outlines the measurement and analysis performed to test the value of


A new smooth and flexible 3 parameter analytical correlation for relative permeability is proposed as a possible replacement for currently adopted industry standards Results from e g steady-state relative permeability experiments often exhibit behaviour which is difficult to model using e g the Corey correlation The new correlation

Relative Electric permeability conductivity [-] [MS] 1 99 79 577 4416 0 M-27 Steel 1 317 10 12138 0 M-36 Steel 2 010 159 15 1616 0 M-45 Steel NaN 159 15 4689 0 Cobalt Iron Hiperco-50 2 341 179 91 3520 2 5 Vanadium 2 34 175 6856 0 Permedur Nickel Alloys Supermalloy NaN 0 795 529095 2 5 Mu Metal 0 657 0 795 82910 0 1 Saturation flux density is defined according to the relative magnetic

The concept of describing this multiphase flow in reservoirs is known as relative permeability which is defined as the ratio of the effective permeability of a fluid to the absolute permeability of the rock The effective permeability is a relative measure of conductance of the porous medium for one fluid phase in the presence of other fluid phases

Saturation table end-point scaling (SWCR SGCR SOWCR SOGCR SWL) SGCR - critical gas saturation (that is the largest gas saturation for which the gas relative permeability is zero) SOGCR - critical oil-in-gas saturation (that is the largest oil saturation for which the oil relative permeability is zero in an oil-gas-connate water system) Relative permeability end-point scaling (KRW KRG

Magnetostrictive and magnetic effects in Fe

The present paper deals with the characterization of the magnetostriction of the Fe-27%Co alloy When this alloy is annealed in the ferritic domain (between 700C and 940C) and submitted to a slow cooling it exhibits a low and isotropic magnetostriction over a wide induction range (1 5T) One reason that can explain this phenomenon is a high temperature selection of magnetic bi-domains

Note Hiperco 50A alloy is a soft magnetic alloy which has been used primarily as magnetic core material in electrical core material in electrical equipment requiring high permeability values at very high magnetic flux densities The magnetic characteristics of this alloy permit weight reduction reduction of copper turns and insulation in the end product when compared to other magnetic

Magnetic permeability remnant induction saturation induction coercivity and core loss were only slightly degraded at all annealing temperatures when compared with the non-niobium containing alloy All properties were shown to depend primarily on degree of recrystallization of the sample which was found to fully recrystallize between 720 and 740 C for 1 hour anneals No significant change

Cooling the Motion of Diamond Nanocrystals in a Magneto-Gravitational Trap in High Vacuum Jen-Feng Hsu1 Peng Ji1 Charles W Lewandowski1 and Brian D'Urso1 * 1Department of Physics and Astronomy University of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh PA 15260 USA *dursobrpitt edu ABSTRACT Levitated diamond nanocrystals with nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centres in high vacuum have been proposed as a

Soil Water Retention and Relative Permeability for Full Range of Saturation F Zhang September 2010 DISCLAIMER This report was prepared as an account of work sponsored by an agency of the United States Government Neither the United States Government nor any agency thereof nor Battelle Memorial Institute nor any of their employees makes any warranty express or implied or assumes

Standard Test Methods for Permeability of Weakly

That is the magnetic permeability is dependent on the magnetic field strength As a consequence the results obtained using the different methods may not closely agree with each other When using Methods 1 and 5 it is imperative to specify the magnetic field strength or range of magnetic field strengths at which the permeabilities have been determined

Magnetism is a class of physical phenomena that are mediated by magnetic fields or more generally the relative contributions of electricity and magnetism are dependent on the frame of reference Thus special relativity mixes electricity and magnetism into a single inseparable phenomenon called electromagnetism analogous to how relativity mixes space and time into spacetime All

Magnetic materials - methods for the determination of the relative magnetic permeability of feebly magnetic materials Standard test method for measuring relative complex permittivity and relative magnetic permeability of solid materials at microwave frequencies

Chine 1j77 haute permabilit Alliage magntique doux sur le fil fil Permalloy – Trouver les prix et les dtails complets sur Fils d'alliage magntique souple fil de Permalloy 1j77 produits du Fournisseur ou du Fabricant - Huona (Shanghai) New Material Co Ltd

iron-cobalt alloy (Hiperco-50A) pole pieces (see Fig 1) creates a three-dimensional potential well to stably trap diamagnetic particles The total potential energy of an object with volume V of diamagnetic material with mag-netic susceptibility ˜and mass min an external magnetic eld subject to standard gravity gis U= ˜B2V 2 0 + mgy (1) where B= jB~jis the magnitude of the magnetic eld 0

Electromechanical systems and devices 1st Edition Sergey Edward Lyshevski Students entering today's engineering fields will find an increased emphasis on practical analysis design and control They must be able to translate their advanced programming abilities and sound theoretical backgrounds into superior problem-solving skills Electromechanical Systems and Devices facilitates the


43 Measuring relative grain boundary energies and mobilities in an aluminum foil from triple junction geometry C -C Yang W W Mullins and A D Rollett Scripta Materiala 44 2735-2740 (2001) 42 A Hybrid Model for Mesoscopic Simulation of Recrystallization A D Rollett and D Raabe Computational Materials Science 21 (1) 69-78

While magnetic devices are used in a range of applications the availability of up-to-date books on magnetic measurements is quite limited Collecting state-of-the-art knowledge from information scattered throughout the literature Handbook of Magnetic Measurements covers a wide spectrum of topics pertaining to magnetic measurements It describes magnetic materials and sensors the testing of

20 05 20150 05% Nb Niobium additions added strength but resulted in lower permeability and higher coercivity Hiperco 50A has no Nb Both Hiperco 50 and 50A have trace amounts of Mn and Si The Hall thruster parts for which this alloy is being used are not under significant loads however high permeability and saturation and low coercivity are required thus Hiperco 50A was selected In general

Relative Electric permeability conductivity [-] [MS] 1 99 79 577 4416 0 M-27 Steel 1 317 10 12138 0 M-36 Steel 2 010 159 15 1616 0 M-45 Steel NaN 159 15 4689 0 Cobalt Iron Hiperco-50 2 341 179 91 3520 2 5 Vanadium 2 34 175 6856 0 Permedur Nickel Alloys Supermalloy NaN 0 795 529095 2 5 Mu Metal 0 657 0 795 82910 0 1 Saturation flux density is defined according to the relative magnetic

BHmag - Magnetic Material Database Version 2 Dated May 20 2013 By s355j0wp steel magnetic permeability The magnetic materials include electrical steels (both grain oriented and non-grain oriented) s355j0wp steel magnetic permeability BHmag database presents B-H curves of wide categories of magnetic materials with permeability ranging 10 to 10 000 So it is useful in the design

Magnetic-' These five metals-Hipernik Conpernik Hiperco Hipersil and Puron-practically blanket the needs of all non- permanent magnetic circuits whether commonplace or critical They offer a variety of characteristics in permeability efficiency purity - and strength Each has its own peculiar properties which where applicable -

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A NEW VERSATILE RELATIVE PERMEABILITY CORRELATION Frode Lomeland1 Einar Ebeltoft2 Wibeke Hammervold Thomas1 1 Statoil ASA Stavanger 2 Petec Software Services AS Bergen Norway This paper was prepared for presentation at the International Symposium of the Society of Core Analysts held in Toronto Canada 21-25 August 2005 ABSTRACT There are at least two key

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