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Influence of external cavity length on the coherence collapse regime in laser diodes subject to optical feedback R J Jones P S Spencer J Lawrence D M Kane Research output Contribution to journal › Article › Research › peer-review Abstract A theoretical investigation of the stability of laser diodes subject to optical feedback from short external cavities has been

Influence of response bias and internal/external source on

Influence of response bias and internal/external source on lateral posterior parietal successful retrieval activity Danielle R King Michael B Miller PII S0010-9452(17)30116-8 DOI 10 1016/jrtex 2017 04 002 Reference CORTEX 1988 To appear in Cortex Received Date 1 August 2016 Revised Date 10 March 2017 Accepted Date 5 April 2017 Please cite this article as King DR Miller

When releasing power lithium ions travel from the anode through the electrolyte to the cathode driving an associated flow of electrons through an external circuit This process goes into reverse when the battery is charged by an external power source with the opposite flow of electrons driving lithium ions from the cathode to the anode

A Simulation of the Cluster-Formation Process in a Dispersion of Fine Particles Under the Influence of an External Magnetic Field Articles in Press Volumes 61 - 66 Volume 66 (2020) Issue 4 Issue 3 Issue 2 Issue 1 Volume 65 (2019) Issue 11-12 Issue 10 Issue 9 Issue 7-8 Issue 6 Issue 5 Issue 4 Issue 3 Issue 2 Issue 1 Volume 64 (2018) Issue 12 Issue 11 Issue 10 Issue 9 Issue

article{osti_20979379 title = {Influence of the external solenoid coil arrangement and excitation mode on plasma characteristics and target utilization in a dc-planar magnetron sputtering system} author = {Zhang X B and Xiao J Q and Pei Z L and Gong J and Sun C} abstractNote = {The influence of external solenoid coil arrangement and excitation mode on plasma characteristics and target

Influence of team's rank on soccer referees' external and

The aim was to examine the external and the internal match loads (ML) of field referees (FR) attending teams of different ranking during championship matches Twenty FR who officiated in thirty official soccer matches (30 observations) participated in our study The criteria for allocating the s

External norms base influence measurement on the repeated sampling theory of the assumed model while internal norm measures judge the influence of a size-k subset relative to all size-k subsets within the given data Although intuitively appealing intemal norms have been largely ignored in favor of external norms due to computational considerations The purpose of this article is to present

A numerical study of the influence of optical feedback on the dynamics of high-bit-rate mode-locked laser diodes is presented A wide variety of dynamic regimes is discovered which is qualitatively different to both single-frequency and self-pulsing lasers with the dynamics different in resonant and nonresonant cases The relation of the findings to the recent experimental results is discussed

The dynamics of local deformations in DNA is studied in a simple mathematical model based on the sine-Gordon equation with two additional terms one accounting for the effects of dissipation and the other for the action of an external field The energy method is used to derive equations for the velocity of the local deformation as a function of time Conditions are determined when dissipation

Article Outline Document Down All Canvas Time Timeline Calendar Request email digest Past 24 hours Past 2 days Past 3 days Past week Add Add page Add comment Add citation Edit Edit page Delete page Share Link Bookmark Embed Social media Login Member login Register now for a free account 🔎 External influence CONTEXT (Help)- Lower Manhattan Project Lower

The External Environment

The External Environment The Broad Environment Socio-cultural Forces Global Economic Forces Global Technological Forces Global Political/Legal Forces The Task Environment Competitive Forces External Stakeholders and Environmental Uncertainty Partnering with External Stakeholders Strategic Groups Key Points Summary End Notes 2 CHAPTER Just like the steel and auto in-dustries during

Using Density Functional Theory (DFT) calculations we have studied the influence of an external electric field on the formation energies and diffusion barriers of surface and subsurface oxygen vacancies at the (101) surface of anatase TiO 2 DFT in the generalized gradient approximation as well as DFT+U methods with different U values have been utilized with the electric field treated self

Influence of longitudinal external magnetic field on microstructures of monolayers composed of ferromagnetic nanoparticles Analysis by means of quasi-two-dimensional Monte Carlo simulation / Aoshima Masayuki Satoh Akira Chantrell Roy W In Kagaku Kogaku Ronbunshu Vol 33 No 5 29 10 2007 p 383-390 Research output Contribution to journal › Article Harvard Aoshima M

The paper examines external actors in the formulation of national Information and Communication Technology (ICT) policies It questions how external actors overtly or covertly influence formulation of national ICT policies following that of the nearly 84% of the countries in Africa that have formulated national ICT policies most of which have been influenced by external actors

The influence of external information on judgments of pain Paul M Cinciripini Behavioral Science Research output Contribution to journal › Article 1 Scopus citations Abstract Two studies were performed to assess the relationship between estimates of subjective pain and a graduated ischemic pain stimulus In the first 20 subjects received a 7-minute pressure stimulus with a blood

A provocative diagnosis of external reasons claims is as a bluff or a rhetorical device designed to influence the behavior and attitudes of others (Williams 1979) On this view external reasons claims are all false but stem from an attempt to apply nonrational persuasion on others rather than from error recently some philosophers have argued that we either do (Kalderon 2005) or should (Joyce

Assessment of fiber optic communication lines reliability

Abstract The article deals with the method for the assessment of the fiber-optic communication line reliability taking into account the effect of the optical fiber tension the temperature influence and the built-in diagnostic equipment errors of the first kind The reliability is assessed using the theory of Markov chains and probabilistic mathematical modeling

We assessed the effect of medical staff role models and the number of health-care worker sinks on hand-hygiene compliance before and after construction of a new hospital designed for increased access to handwashing sinks We observed health-care worker hand hygiene in four nursing units that provided similar patient care in both the old and new hospitals medical and surgical intensive care

article{osti_20979379 title = {Influence of the external solenoid coil arrangement and excitation mode on plasma characteristics and target utilization in a dc-planar magnetron sputtering system} author = {Zhang X B and Xiao J Q and Pei Z L and Gong J and Sun C} abstractNote = {The influence of external solenoid coil arrangement and excitation mode on plasma characteristics and target

A physical model describing the development of external erosion in fluidized-bed boilers is considered The possibility to control the rate of this process is shown and ways and means for organizing such control are described

The Influence of Instagram Published 3 years ago on November 17 2017 By Nick Routley Tweet Share Share Reddit Email The digital advertising landscape has changed dramatically over the past decade Social media platforms are now some of the most heavily trafficked places on the internet and sharing hubs such as Instagram are increasingly becoming a cultural touchpoint for

While the literature on the effective management of business and natural environment interfaces is rich and growing there are still two questions regarding which the literature has yet to reach a definitive conclusion (1) what is the interactive effect between internal and external drivers on a proactive environmental strategy (PES)? and (2) does a PES influence firm's performance?

Relations with the American neighbour eclipsed all other Canadian external problems Commonwealth and the Suez Crisis As Britain gave up its imperial obligations the Commonwealth became increasingly multiracial a development that the Canadian government encouraged

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