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Tungsten due to its high melting point and tensile strength is often used as a material to create light bulb filaments electrical contacts or for use in arc welding electrodes It finds application in microcircuits and liquid crystal displays as well as in medical x-ray machines Tungsten is also often combined with other metals such as steel to change its mechanical properties and make


Titanium is a chemical element with the symbol Ti and atomic number 22 It is a lustrous transition metal with a silver color low density and high strength Titanium is resistant to corrosion in sea water aqua regia and chlorine Titanium 22 Ti Titanium Pronunciation / t ɪ ˈ t eɪ n i ə m t aɪ-/ (ti-TAY-nee-əm ty-) Appearance silvery grey-white metallic Standard atomic weight A

In this project Ultramet will develop the processing for deposition of thin tungsten-rhenium alloy coatings on open-cell foam fuel elements Components will be exposed to high temperature hydrogen at Ultramet followed by surface and cross-sectional coating characterization Sandia will perform preliminary modeling experiments to determine the optimal concentration of rhenium in the coating

rhenium and osmium in tungsten in a fusion environment To cite this article Yu-Wei You et al 2017 Nucl Fusion 57 086006 View the article online for updates and enhancements Related content Behaviors of transmutation elements Re and Os and their effects on energetics and clustering of vacancy and self-interstitial atoms in W Yu-Hao Li Hong-Bo Zhou Shuo Jin et al -Bubble growth from

In the past few years the interest in rhenium and rhenium-containing alloys has increased This interest is primarily due to results from investigations being carried out for high-temperature and space-reactor applications High-purity rhenium metal has the potential to be used in larger quantities than ever before These applications include rhenium in its pure form as well as in alloys with


scope This standard consists of reference tables that give temperature-electrom otive force (emf) relationships for 97 % Tungsten 3 % Rhenium versus 75 % Tungsten 25 % Rhenium and 95 % Tungsten 5 % Rhenium versus 74 % Tungsten 26 % Rhenium thermocouples These are the refractory metal thermocouple types most commonly used in industry

Application Tantalum Plate is used in chemical process equipment cathodic protection systems for steel structures such as bridges water tanks prosthetic devices for humans such as hips plates in the skull suture clips corrosion resistant fasteners screws nuts bolts high temperature furnace parts and high temperature alloys (Ta10W alloy) for air and land based turbines (e g jet

Near-net-shape Tungsten-Rhenium Alloy Parts Produced by Shrouded Plasma Spray Forming WANG Yueming 1 2 3 CHEN Menghua 3 LI Yue 3 TANG Kewen 3 DING Wangwang 3 XIONG Xiang 4 SHI Qilong 5 XIE Lu 4 XU Xuan 6 (1 Hunan Provincial Key Defense Laboratory of High Temperature Wear-resisting Materials and Preparation Technology Hunan University of Science and Technology

Contact Us Our company is an award-winning privately-owned UK-based manufacturer of specification aluminium alloy ingots and a physical processor and trader of scrap Aluminium Nickel and Cobalt revert alloys and an extensive range of exotic minor metals including Chromium conflict-free Tantalum Niobium Molybdenum Tungsten Rhenium Hafnium Zirconium Vanadium Manganese Silicon and

A generator system for providing a carrier-free radioisotope in the form of an acid comprises a chromatography column in tandem fluid connection with an ion exchange column the chromatography column containing a charge of a radioactive parent isotope The chromatography column charged with a parent isotope is eluted with an alkali metal salt solution to generate the radioisotope in the form

Monoclonal Antibodies Radiolabeling with Rhenium

Recently new approaches have been developed for labeling bioactive molecules [27–29] such as antibodies and fragments with rhenium-188 A promising and suitable strategy for the labeling of antibodies with rhenium-188 was proposed by Dias et al [] In this study they presented an alternative direct labeling approach based on the reaction of the with the reduced anti-CD20 antibody rituximab

Tungsten alloys provide a safer alternative to lead and their higher density also enables them to hold their shape better even under extreme conditions While uranium offers comparable density its volatile nature and the special licensing requirements needed for radioactive materials make working with it

* Most popular of the three Tungsten-Rhenium thermocouples a large selection of instrumentation is available ** Tungsten-Rhenium alloy thermocouples are supplied in standard 300 mm (12) lengths which corresponds to each leg for a 600 mm (24) total length Change suffix "-12" in model number to indicate additional length required in inches

01 09 1960Properties of tungsten-rhenium alloys E M Savitskii 1 M A Tylkina 1 S I Ipatova 1 E I Pavlova 1 Metal Science and Heat Treatment of Metals volume 2 pages 483 – 486 (1960)Cite this article 733 Accesses 17 Citations 3 Altmetric Metrics details Conclusions 1 The W-Re equilibrium diagram has been constructed [Figure 6] 2 Addition of Re to tungsten raised the temperature of

Tungsten for example melts at 3410oC (6170oF) which is more than double that of iron and ten times that of lead As a group they are found in one section of the periodic table of elements Although there are twelve refractory metals only five are widely used Tungsten Molybdenum Niobium Tantalum and Rhenium

Tungsten Filaments / Cathodes for EM Tungsten hairpin filaments are the standard type filaments widely used in Scanning Electron Microscopes Transmission Electron Microscopes and Microprobe systems Tungsten filaments are also called cathodes or electron emitters or electron sources The high quality filaments we offer are made to the original equipment manufacturer's specifications using

Rhenium (Re) 24 karat ring – RWMM

Rhenium ring -- 24 karat (99 99% pure) Wedding bands have traditionally been made of gold with 14 karat (or 58 5% pure) being the most common and 18 karat (or 75% pure) also available Gold is too soft to make a durable ring out of at 24 karat purity (at least 99 9% pure) There are many alternatives to gold including the traditional precious metals silver and platinum although in recent years

The alloy RR2071 used in this study is an experimental rhenium- containing single crystal alloy Table 2 gives its composition together with that of CMSX-4 and Alloy 800 [15] In RR2071 (in comparison with CMSX4) the tungsten is replaced by a similar atomic percent of the lighter element molybdenum with the aim of reducing the density of the

Type D* Tungsten 3% Rhenium versus Tungsten 25% Rhenium wire Type G* Pure Tungsten versus Tungsten 26% Rhenium wire * "Type D" and "Type G" are commonly used industry terms and not ASTM letter designated thermocouples Concept Alloys takes care every step of the way to provide the finest quality tungsten-rhenium thermocouple wire with the best customer experience possible Our

The TCD consists of four tungsten-rhenium filaments in a Wheatstone bridge configuration Electric current flows through the filaments causing them to heat up Carrier gas (usually helium which has very high thermal conductivity) flows across the filaments removing heat at a constant rate Two of the filaments are exposed only to carrier gas (reference) and two are exposed to the carrier

Hydroxyapatite (HA) Porous Titanium (VPS/LPPS) Dense Tungsten-Rhenium for X-Ray targets Nitriding and Boronizing for Ti and Ti6Al4V parts Oil and Gas SMS Inc specializes in providing solutions such as hardfacing (thermal spray and diffusion coating) and precision machining/finishing to severe service process equipment utilized in the petrochemical industry

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